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Evolve 2

Emerge 3

Close up of Evolve 2

My Evolve and Emerge series echo ideas of rituals, the occult, and healing plant practices. The hemispheres are suggestive in their shape of an opening, a breast, genitalia. They are positioned like hills in the landscape or constellations in the sky, a soft seductive wool material in shades of red and pink.

Rituals, the occult and healing practices using plants became gradually more relevant in my selection of forest elements during the dyeing processes. Working directly with the social and spiritual ideologies of Mother Nature fascinated me, in particular the juxtaposition of her power to end life through disease or harsh conditions and to give birth.

Birth Pod amongst the collected spring flowers that were used to dye the wool for the Evolve piece.

Thinking about the land, rocky outcrops and soft voluptuous contours were on my mind from a trip across the Yorkshire Moors and the Peak District. I borrowed these as landscape in the Evolve work to create suggestions of ripples in water, topography, or the meditative practices of the East like sand art. I wanted the work to have both a micro and a macro quality, with the looseness of the wool suggestive of a indigenous aesthetic linking traditions of working and respecting the land, animals, and the spirits amongst us.

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