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Hidden, mounted photograph, 42 x 60 cm, 2019. 

Hidden celebrates the Cornish hedgerow in Spring and was developed during a Residency I completed in Porthleven in 2019. Collecting a variety of flowers during my hourly walks on the cliffs in Porthleven, a specific colour pallet ranging from white to brown began to emerge. The microscopic studies of the native plants reflect my investigative approach towards the beautiful and slightly dangerous site. The close-ups reveal the plants’ incredible abstract structural form, which can be interpreted to look like a plant, vegetable or even animal. The work aims to encourage the viewer to become more aware and engaged with their local environment and remember that beauty and ambiguity exist in the strangest of places.  I also explore the inclusion of textual information in my work and play with the scientific language of classification, as I give each flower its common and Latin name. 

Close up

Read my blog about the Porthleven Residency here.

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