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Interconnected, coloured film 1min and 23 sec, 2019.
Collaboration between sculptor Lea Rose Kara and performer Caroline Vitzthum.(2019 Porthleven Prize)
Click here to watch the film.

Interconnected Form, brimstone clay, straw, sand, wool and seawater, 45 x 39 cm, 2019.   

Interconnected Form and Interconnected film is a collaborative piece created on Dollar Cove beach, Cornwall; exploring the boundaries between the sea and the shore. Natural materials found in and around the site were used to make a cob mixture. This clay (a representation of the land) was used to interpret Caroline’s movements (her response to the sea) through sculpture.


Due to the sculpture being created on-site, a film was made to record the process and the magnificent setting. Interestingly, the final sculpture resembles the shape of the cove in which the work was made, with the layered walls in the sculpture mimicking the cliffs.

Read my blog about the Porthleven Residency here.

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