I work with sculpture and macro-photography exploring the themes of Ecology and manipulating nature. I often apply scientific methods to analyse and curate my findings, and to support photographs I sometimes cast physical objects as a way of presenting the two truths -  the preserved form and its mediated representation. My sculptures explore materiality – silicone, metal, fabrics, and found forest objects as example. The works result in ambiguous, textured forms; collecting sounds and materials directly from nature triggered the realisation that nature and organic matter were both my subject and sculpting material.


My practice is primarily STEM-based and is grounded conceptually in biology, technology and epistemology. I am inspired by research into fungi and the mycelium networks as well as the role that our senses play in our interpretation of and engagement with the modern world. My exploration into ways of representing nature, through colour, smell, sound and touch has resulted in multisensory installations. Viewing the audience as collaborators, the previously static work is activated through their engagement of a specific sense, which allows for a more conscientious and intimate encounter.  


My practice is part of the Ecological Art genre which has evolved from movements including Environmental Art, Land Art, and the 1960s and 1970s ideas of Deep Ecology. My concerns around connectivity and reconstruction were shared particularly by Richard Long and continue to be shared by contemporary artists Olafur Eliasson and Katie Paterson. My objective is always to open debates around the power that science has in moulding our interaction with nature and our understanding of the world.

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