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Whispers in the Forest, raw linen, black willow charcoal, hardwood dowel, bronze, twine, sizes vary: 156 x 31 cm, 156 x 42cm, 156 x 51 cm, 2022. Accompanying soundtrack: Midnight Goodbyes, 4 mins, 2022.

For Whispers in the Forest I collected underwater and over ground sounds from different parks and forests in the UK and collaged them into a soundtrack called Midnight Goodbyes. Listening to that soundtrack while blindfolded, I freely responded to the sounds by drawing on raw linen. I translated the auditory language into visual marks, creating my own representation of a particular captured moment in Nature.

Click here to watch the video of me making the mark.

Whispers in the Forest exhibited in my 'In Between' solo show.

Whispers in the Forest is a site - specific installation. The trees are of varying thicknesses and are positioned to encourage people to move around them like they would in a forest. Through exploring the space, people will encounter other artworks and thus discovery becomes part of the experience.

Each scroll has a small custom-made bronze weight attached to it, a cast of a combination of organic materials that I collected in the forest during my walks. 

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