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Sun Series, organic cotton dyed with turmeric, seasonal flowers, blueberries, beetroot, pomegranate, hibiscus petals, moss and bark, 2022.

The Sun Series, consists of different versions of the Sun on the wall, ceiling, and floor. The installation allows people to situate themselves in between the different Suns, and even sit on the ones on the floor, inviting the audience to become part of the installation.

Wall Sun 1

The Sun piece represented my first sculptural exploration into incorporating colour into my work though bundle dying collected forest matter and cooking spices, onto textile-based materials like cotton. I could see nature as both my subject matter and my sculpting material. The recurring hemispherical and spherical shapes throughout my work are a direct inspiration from existing spheres in nature, such as eyeballs, flowers like the seed head of a dandelion, planets and cells. The shapes carry themes of containment and expansion and in my Sun work, the shape offers a multiplicity of meanings from a heavily pregnant belly to a bacterial growth on a wall. It is designed to reflect both the positive and negative.

Floor Suns

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